Bring a gorgeous element of surprise and spirit into your home with sweet quirky beetles and enchanting butterflies and dragonflies, who proudly bring this season’s trend into the décor. Embrace both the style and expression, where the fine details of the little insects will add a personal touch to the décor.
The sweet insects bring a natural spirit into the home and is perfect combined with the botanical trend, characterized by a green universe filled with plants, flowers and botanical motifs. We love to bring the beauty of nature into our home and let the botanical trend create a natural calm and harmony in our home. The nature’s elements inspire us to think clear, eat healthier and live greener.
Let these cheeky little beetles crawl along the table, butterflies and dragonflies fly along the wall – all to create an authentic inspired look. Place them on a decorative tray with other fine decorations that fits both the season and the mood and spice it up as time goes, by the season and the trend of time.
A personal expression
The surfaces and structures have their own lives and adds an imperfect expression embracing the simplicity and naturalness of this season’s trend.
The fine decorative insects are created in two metallic nuances, antique silver and rose gold, where the metallic look captures a unique and special eye-catching look that fits into any interior décor. Decoration with metallic nuances is a design trend in modern interior design that continue this season. We love the metallic look that adds a new exiting expression to the décor and create personality in our bright Scandinavian home.
Gorgeous textures
The fine decoration insects are made of polyresin – a special resin mix often used for figurines and other decorative elements. Polyresin is a rustic material that can be moulded and which adds fine quirky details and gorgeous textures to the products. With products made of polyresin, it is possible to create fantastic products, where every product is unique. It is possible to add a special finish to the products with painting or a metallic finish, as we see here at our little friends.
The butterflies, beetles and dragonflies are a part of our characteristic Serafina collection, where the design is kept stylish and exclusive, which makes it possible to mix and match with other products and create your own personal expression in your home.
Let the fine and quirky insects add a natural and sophisticated touch to the decor in a new and trendy way. Let your creativity create the perfect mood in your interior design.